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Is it safe to lose weight fast?

I heard this question a lot: it is safe to lose weight fast? The answer, the post is safe, if you do it properly, but it is much less effective way of losing weight than many people realize. Here's why. By » read more

Lose calories from your diet while feeling full

Folk wisdom that diet is all about losing calories. When someone tells you that you are on a diet, they usually mean one of several things: 1. They swear Off all the foods they really enjoy (but if you look under the » read more

Lose weight - advice that is not related to hunger

Have you noticed that the vast majority of diets they sound a bit like my mother irritated demanding that you eat vegetables? Those same people who believe that everyone should be forced to bike to work assumed the » read more

Quickly! Lose 9 lbs in 11 days

It is 100% true: You can quickly lose 9 pounds in 11 days. The typical diet gurus say that it can not be done. They will tell you that this is all water weight, it's dangerous to lose weight fast, that ... all that » read more

Reduce Tummy Fat Fast - learn how to Shift calories from food, to reduce the belly fat!

Well, in this article, here, I would like to talk about how you can transfer the calories from food, so that you can reduce belly fat faster. Nutrition is the cornerstone of any weight loss program. When you place your » read more

Stubborn Lose Body Fat Faster - 2 Light and tested Metabolism Boosting Tips to Lose Body Fat FAST!

You did everything right and still can not lose body fat? Well, in this article, here, I'll show you 3 light and proven ways to increase your metabolism so that you can lose fat faster. So, first thing in the » read more

How to get rid of stored fat - Proven Diet tricks, get rid of fat Lightning Fast!

If you want to get rid of stored fat, # 1, you should focus on is nutrition. Without proper nutrition, your results will be minimal to nonexistent. Thus, in spite of this, then read on to learn about the proven diet » read more

Losing weight without exercise?

You really can lose weight without exercise. The fact, however, that these tips, weight loss may not be the quickest and fastest way to trim down. There they will stay away from the pound that you lost a long-term » read more

Lose attitude then lose fat

Most people do not see their relationship with their fat. Nevertheless, there is a connection, and this is mainly due to self-esteem. Most overweight people put themselves down, and not only for the entire department. » read more

Weight Loss Motivation Council - Giving Your Best

I just saw this wonderful, inspirational film called 'Facing the Giants. " Films and low budget, had a powerful message about faith and perseverance. This demonstrates the importance of giving your best, even » read more