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Meaning drink for weight loss

We heard repeatedly that in order to lose weight should drink more water. In fact, this is one of the central fact that most weight loss plans have as a basic proposal. Water is an essential part of any diet, but there is new evidence that we can extend this idea to include other liquids.

Water is an essential part of the body, although we do not think that we need from him. According to the Mayo Clinic, the water lubricates the entire body, stops us from constipation, supports our kidneys are functioning well, and helps us to get the minerals and other nutrients to our cells.

Since water is essential for the body it is a good idea to have large quantities available to help the body to function normally and to prepare the internal environment to take good food and nutrition. Water helps extremely when you are working on the fastest way to lose weight.

Taking into consideration that your body actually loses water throughout the day, when you are active and when you go to the toilet you have at least replenish the amount that you lost. That is why it is important to continue drinking water all day, and not only to drink when you drink.

Although the general rule has always been to drink 8 glasses a day if you want to lose weight, the Institute of Medicine says that we really need more than this amount, and that all types of liquids, which is important, not just water. Their recommendation is that men should consume 3 liters per day (which translates into 13 cups) and women should consume 2.2 liters (about 9 cups).

This means that if you want to lose weight you must get at least these requirements. The basic rule is to drink enough fluid so that you rarely drink. This may seem like a lot of work but it is invaluable in the long run because it keeps your body functioning at a higher level than it does now, which will automatically make it lose weight.

Other places to find liquids

When you look at the amount of water that offers you may be overwhelmed. However, you must remember that you will receive fluid from different places. As an example, your regular meals will give you approximately 20% of the total fluid intake. The remaining 80% will come from water, other beverages, fruits and vegetables, milk and some juices. You can also drink tea and drinks with low sugar (not diet drinks).

When you eat a fruit, think of those who have a lot of juice, like watermelons, tomatoes and grapes. Think of vegetables like celery, the cabbage, greens and cucumbers. This will help you get more fluid in your diet.

It will also be important to consider the fact that if you live in certain climatic conditions that are hot or cold, if you are developing or if you are sick, pregnant or breastfeeding, you will need to make changes in the fluid, respectively.

We talked about finding a comfortable moisturized. The way to continue is to keep water or other liquids with you at all times so that you can drink a little all the time. Mayo Clinic offers a drink before meals, between meals and hydrating before, during and after training.

Knowing your body's need for fluids and making sure he does it will increase your chances of losing weight you want more quickly.