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Not seeing the results of weight loss?

You were committed and focused with your workouts. Have you watched your diet, and were careful to do everything that you need to do to lose weight. But after four weeks, you still do not see any results slimming. Well, first let me say congratulations and you should be proud of themselves. "Journey of a thousand miles begins with the first steps." Frankly, I do not know who said it, but it is absolutely true. And you took those first steps. So for that, a great big thank you to go to. Now let's look at what is happening, which leads not to see the result of weight loss.

First, let's start with your diet. Nutrition plays a key role in weight loss, and yet it may be the most confusing part of the battle. Personally, I know that I was at the point where I thought that I was doing everything possible to humanly healthy food, when I tried to lose weight. Interestingly, the more I learned about nutrition, the more I learned that I could change and the more I realized why I had not seen the results of losing weight.

The most important factor to consider in your diet, how many calories you consume in a day. In fact, you could eat anything you want, and until the total calorie intake was under some total daily calorie burn was. This is the only way to lose weight fat. This means that the "Snickers diet works as long as you keep your calorie intake under the recommended 1800 to 2000 calories for women and 2300 to 2500 calories for men and your calorie burn is much higher than these amounts. Of course, for heart health is not the best option ... but this topic will come in another article.

The best way to manage your caloric intake is to start recording everything you eat and the number of calories consumed during the day. This may be surprising to see the actual number of calories, which were used in a 24-hour period. Once you begin to see your daily trends you can start your power settings. Keeping a daily journal is also something about the food budget. When you know how many calories you can have a day, then your journal will help you determine when and if you can make chocolate cakes for dessert.

Another reason why you can not see the result of weight loss may be associated with your workout. A key factor in the intensity of exercises. Many times I use to go to the gym and perform exercises at a level where I thought I gave a very good effort. But I never checked my heart rate to know how hard I was working. I also tried to "Fat burning mode" option on the cardio machines. I decided to pre-programmed function on the equipment, it should be a good technique. True though this is the only way to really burn calories and lose fat is a mixture of high-intensity workouts with the implementation of procedures. Studies have shown that in so doing you will get faster and more effective result. It also allows the effectiveness of your workout.

So, what qualifies as a high intensity? The best way to achieve high-intensity workout to keep your heart rate elevated to about 70% to 85% of max. Another way to determine the level of intensity of use of RPE scale. This scale is a personal determinant of where you decide how hard you work. Using this scale, high intensity, you would have worked very hard hard level. (Both of these determinants on the basis of being in good health.)

So if you do not see the result of weight loss, take a closer look at the calories and exercise. Changes will be happening you do not see results from weight loss to strangers see a great looking body.