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Weight Loss A 4 - Don't Low Carb Diet Work?

Let me begin with the end in mind and tell you that weight loss is all about calories, not carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The main underlying science is the fact that food and drink contain calories, the energy that our bodies require to function. If you put more calories than we use it will be converted into fat and stored. With this in mind, I can tell you that carbohydrates are not fattening or fat, that eats a lot of fattening calories.

Weight weight, carbohydrates, containing half the energy of fats, but the proper functioning of our body requires both types of food, since each of which contains other essential items like fiber, oils, trace elements, etc. So I say that the low CARB diets do not work? No, I'm not low CARB diets seemed to really help weight loss, but it probably has more to do with controlling calories than the fact that you reduce carb intake. If it works what is the problem? There are several major problems that I see: --

1. Carbohydrates, as a rule, bulky foods that fill you up. If you leave them out of your diet you will feel hungry and try to fill in for vegetables, fruits and protein, which is pound for pound are very expensive. Think about that carbohydrates, bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, all the sugar, flour, etc. Such a diet is very difficult to maintain in the long term.

2. Leaving the carbohydrates from your diet can work as much as you can survive on such a restricted mode. The second problem I see what happens when you give, or until the desired weight. You spent your time on a rich program of diet and taught himself anything about your basic nutrition.

3. Carbohydrates are the direct source of energy, which if cut would lead to excessive physical fatigue and irritability.

In conclusion, the low cab diets can help you lose weight during their stay in them, but they are difficult to follow, and you know nothing about changing eating habits. A much more pleasant and long-term effective approach is to reduce the consumption of calories you to a little below the normal level of service. Eat a healthy balanced diet and teach yourself about calorie control. Become aware of your habits and food choices and change what does not work. If you follow this advice, you gradually lose weight, enjoy the process and learn how to keep it for life. Stop focusing on your weight, do not go on a diet, but to start today and change your lifestyle and step by step.

The secret of most things in life balance, stay away from extremes in any sphere of life, and you will find satisfaction and happiness.