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Rice N Shine - meal replacement drinks for weight loss


These shakes are advertised as all natural, heart healthy meal replacement drinks. As seen from the product name, these drinks rice-based formula, which the company claims offers a unique nutritional formulation, which is bundled with necessary vitamins and minerals. The Company does not claim that this product will help increase energy levels, leads to weight loss results and even improve the health of the whole organism. Although we noticed that there are many negative reviews of consumer Rice N Shine displayed on the Internet, but we have a closer look at this product to determine if it can work as an effective substitute for food.

Product Overview

Again, in these formulas, meal replacement shakes, allegedly on the basis of stabilized rice bran, which the company claims, as they say, the most powerful, life giving foods. Full list of ingredients for each variety of shakes available on the consumer survey. Currently, consumers are interested in Rice N Shine can buy one of these meal replacements in chocolate or vanilla flavor of the original.


Typically, the whole essence of the program is a meal replacement diet to help reduce their daily caloric intake. Although, as noted above, plans meal replacement can be difficult to follow, and many people report a feeling of hunger and irritability during such plans. In addition, such a restrictive calorie plans can be difficult to maintain and diet may find that they are cheating or failure of the plan is too often leads to weight loss. We want to note that, when the results of weight loss is achieved by using meal replacement, many nutritionists say the results are unlikely to last diet to return to their normal diet.

When it comes to reducing the consumption of calories diet Some people prefer to use to suppress appetite, and then move to replace a meal shakes, just as Rice N Shine. You can find the supplements on the market that contains the proven appetite suppressant ingredients. We believe that the study concerned consumer ingredient Hoodia Gordonii, which is one of the most popular herbal appetite suppressants currently on the market.

Consumer Reviews

As mentioned above, when it comes to such vibrations, there are some independent reviews of consumer publications on the Internet. For the most part, these mixed reviews, but we noticed that there are many that are negative or complain that about this product. There were a couple of reviewers said they had purchased these shakes as a way to achieve their weight loss goals, but while on the Rice N Shine meal replacement plan, they not only failed to achieve their goals, but they actually gained weight instead. In addition, there are reviews that complain about the taste of these ranges, but at the same time, there are others who claim that they are quite good taste.


Complete nutrition information available on the consumer review

Product website Posted


Negative reviews are Posted Online

Some observers reported that they gained weight when using the products

Plans for meal replacement can be very restrictive and difficult to follow

Concluding thoughts

These meal replacement shakes may be attractive to some consumers, through the promises of the product. It seems that good advertising can hook almost everyone in those days. Nevertheless, we are concerned about comments that asserted that the increase in weight when using Rice N Shine meal replacement shakes. Such claims send up a red flag in our book, but those diets that would still like to know more about the product, should continue their studies. For those people we have placed some links below that are connected to additional reviews on these shakes.