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Flat Tummy rules

Here are some of the rules of flat stomach, you should pay attention to tone and lose weight waist. I'm not going to tell you to do 1,000 crunches or Jog hours a day. These are "interesting" messages, but for the most part they are a waste of time because they are highly inefficient. 2 minutes right now to read this to find out what to do.

Flat Tummy rules

1. Your diet needs fiber in her

The fiber is a key BIG when it comes to weight loss and removal of inches from the abdomen. Why? Because it fills you with less calories ... and it keeps you from this "filling" feeling longer. Thus, in a word, that is, fewer calories, both immediately and later. Just to get fiber to meet the government guidelines are not enough. This is only the beginning, though, because most Americans get only 10 grams of fiber ... and, the Government offers 25 per day.

But you need more than a cause of weight loss and stomach flattening. You must be 40 or more grams of fiber. Sound tough? Nope ... Not at all. Get a can of black beans (58 cents) and 3 apples ... are those every day. As you can see, I'm not telling you to completely change your diet. Black beans are a side dish, but not the main dish.

So they can easily fit in. The apples can be in any suitable before meals or as snacks.

2. Walk up the stairs everyday

Got the stairs in your house or building you live? If so, GREAT! I have something simple for you to do. Just walk up and down them for 10 minutes, 6 days a week ... or every day. That's an hour or two a week. That's nothing. But the benefits are both immediate and long term. Try for 2 weeks, you'll be a believer. It's so simple ... nothing to think about ... just do it.

These 2 flat belly rules that work ... So give them a try.