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A simple guide to the choice of diet and exercise program that works Best

In order to lose pounds, inches, and tone the muscles, it all boils down to having an effective diet and exercise program. In this article, here, you will know that diet and exercise programs work best to lose inches and drop pounds from your body quickly. If you are tired of searching around trying to find the proper diet and exercise program for you, then read on to learn more ...

# 1 - Stay away from FAD diets! - Fad dieting is dangerous and inefficient. Low CARB Diet, a diet low in fat, banana diet, drink Pepsi all day diet, and blah, blah, blah! Your body does not react to these kinds of diets. The reason for this is that Fad diets usually recommend that you either limit such important nutrients, and / or reduce your calorie intake. If you want weight loss, avoid those types of diets and weight loss programs at any price!

# 2 - the best type of diet and exercise program will teach the basic principles of healthy lifestyle. Basic principles of a healthy lifestyle are the following:

- Proper nutrition - Complex carbohydrates (whole grains), protein, healthy fats (monounsaturated, Omega), and foods rich in vitamins minerals.

- Exercise - Your body needs a heart (especially high intensity) and implement the training. It's not one or the other. Many programs, we recommend you just cardio-based workouts. Your body needs to develop muscles. Otherwise, you will feel very sluggish through out the day, and will be more inclined to Yo-year diet and common diseases .... Here's how it is important to build a Lean muscle. You should not get a super big like a body builder, but simply to build a Lean muscle.

These are the basic requirements of good and effective diet and exercise program should have.