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Understanding Food Labels for Fat Loss - What is it?

When you start losing fat, one thing that becomes very important for you to take possession of understanding is how to read food labels.

If you are unable to decipher the meaning of food labels, you fight a lot more fat loss, because it will be harder to get an understanding of what you put into your body.

Nevertheless, this is what you need to beware.

Total calories

The most important thing to look for when reading food labels is the total number of calories.

This is the determining factor that will monitor weight loss. If you do not take less calories than you are burning per day, you do not want to lose weight.

So when you find out how many calories you need to lose weight, you should calculate how many calories in the food you eat if you hit your calorie goal.

Proteins, fats, carbohydrates

Next, look at the proteins, fats and CARB items. Although everyone will have different requirements for those depending on their specific program of diet and body weight, you have to know what each type of nutrient has the following calories in it:

fat = 9 calories per gram
protein = 4 calories per gram
carbohydrate = 4 calories per gram

(and for those who drink alcohol, he has 7 calories per gram).

Thus, you can work out how that particular food you plan to eat fits into the overall plan for weight loss diet.

Fiber Count

Finally, the third thing to look at this fiber count. Foods that are higher in fiber are usually better than those who seek to lose weight, because it will make you feel better, and save the entire digestive tract healthy.

In addition, some people will subtract grams of fiber in the diet of the total grams of carbohydrates a net carbohydrate Count 'and that's what they actually add to their total carbohydrate intake per day (because the fibers are often passed through the body).

So, keep in mind when you evaluate your diet and weight loss, looking at food labels. This is definitely something you want to learn how to do, to see good results from your diet plan.