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No-dairy diet - Overcoming the Dangers of dairy products

In accordance with the popular western belief, dairy products are excluded from the diet of people in many parts of the world. The Americans, which include many dairy products in the diet, wonder if there is something about dairy products, and that others know and they do not.

Dairy products are not necessary for maintaining good health. As the pH Miracle diet is harmful for the body, and that is why he omits acidifying food such as dairy products, from its list of eligible products. Doing so, it prevents obesity and health disorders that obesity brings.

The dangers of dairy products
The number of people firmly believe that the adoption of dairy products including milk, strengthens bones and improves health. In fact, dairy products include a large amount of fats and proteins, which produce huge amounts of acids in the body. Cow's milk is the formation of more acidic than goat's milk, which has less fat and protein. Among dairy products, ghee is the only item that does not give short-chain acids with fats that it contains.

In addition, dairy products are not pure. The dairy industry, for profit, created the image of milk is not only safe but necessary to maintain health. Average cow fifty years ago, can produce 2000 pounds of milk per year. The average cow today, by contrast, produces 50,000 pounds of milk per year. Consider the amount of drugs, hormones, antibiotics, forced feeding, breeding and specialized, that is responsible for this mass production of milk. Also consider the fact that all these additives enter your body when you drink milk.

Dairy products in the FDA and the Harvard food pyramid
In 2003, the Harvard School of Public Health Changes FDA food pyramid based on certain imbalances observed users pyramid food FDA. FDA food pyramid reflects a preference for alkaline Foods even though it does not specifically make the alkaline and acidic foods. Pyramid Harvard includes one serving of dairy products or calcium supplement daily. Pyramid FDA, on the other hand, recommends two to three servings per day, along with additions.

Dr. Meir Stampfer, professor of epidemiology and nutrition and head of the department of epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health, explains the Harvard pyramid say that Americans should eat fewer dairy products. Calcium is necessary for maintaining good health, but as a supplement, according to Dr. Stampfer, is more than adequate to meet the body's need for calcium and build strong bones.

The level of calcium in two or three servings of dairy food, as recommended in the food pyramid FDA, may actually cause harm to the body. In addition, taking too much calcium can lead to increased risk of cancer, and science has not yet found any connection between calcium intake and prevention of osteoporosis.

Recent studies have linked milk disorders such as intestinal colic, anemia, allergies, intestinal irritation, and many of these disorders in infants and toddlers. Milk-drinking children often suffer from allergies, asthma, tonsils, diabetes, and colic. According to a study on this topic, conventionally produced milk results in coronary disorders, allergies, arthritis, sinusitis in adults.

A large number of Americans removed the milk from their list of authorized products and assert that the result is excellent. Make a study of the dangers of dairy products, and see if it does not change your opinion about milk as "safe and healthy." You will understand that many people exclude it from their diets due to acid production of quality dairy products including milk.