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Autumn nutrition

Autumn nutrition

With the advent of the fall, our body, following the dictate of Mother Nature, is trying to provide itself with reserves of fat.

How should you eat during this time of the year, to not find yourself overweight?

1. Almost all of us feel increased appetite during the autumn

What is the reason? Usually, during the cold season, we really eat a high calorie and nutritious foods. In this way our body prepares for winter.  Although we are not like bears, which have to accumulate fat for hibernation, climate and seasons affect our energy needs too. If it`s cold and we are dressed lightly or we are in a poorly heated room, we gladly eat higher calorie foods to compensate for the missing energy.

2. Can I somehow avoid taking extra calories? Should I keep a strict diet?

Energy metabolism is strictly individual. Some people may eat a lot and burn all the extra calories, while others must limit the consumption of calories in order to maintain a constant weight or to achieve it. These are the people who have repeatedly followed difficult weight loss diets, thus strongly limiting their body's need for energy, because their metabolic process tends to store more energy than it consumes.

3. Can I lose weight in autumn?

You should do this very carefully. Indeed, every organism has a certain tendency to constant weight, which may vary in different periods of life. Some people, who have long been overweight, will have great difficult to reduce it. That`s why it is important not to lose weight too quickly, and to keep your weight over a longer period of time. For example: if within a period of three months, you lose, say, 12 pounds, this weight should be kept on the same level within six months. Some simple calculations can help you: multiply the weight loss period of two. This is the period during which your body adapts to the lost weight.

4. How could I prevent my increased appetite and limit high-calorie food?

If you are hungry and it`s cold, you should dress warmly and take a warm bath. Be more active and eat more. But this should be low calorie diet. It is also good to drink warm skimmed milk. All this will allow you to feel warm and satisfy your sense of hunger.

5. My desire to eat more fatty foods is still here

It means that your body needs them. In this case it is better to focus on meals containing oily fish or food with vegetable fats. These types of fat are more useful for metabolism, than animal fats.

6. What happens if I feel that low-calorie food "does do not warms me up?"

Everyone who is overweight should be happy, if sometimes feels cold. This is proof that your body loses calories and it`s fueled from its own resources. But if you feel really cold, you can get out of the situation, thinking about soups. Despite the general perception that soups are making you fatter faster than other food, they are not. Soups are also useful for those who lose weight, but only provided that you do not add cream and brown thickening with flour. Warm but not hot soups containing multiple vegetables, including potatoes, are especially good. But remember that soups should not be too salty. It is known that salt prevents weight loss, because it retains water in the body. So, try to add more spices and herbs in your soup, to avoid adding salt.

7. What other food are "safe" for those who try to be fit or lose weight in autumn?

Potatoes are very useful at that point. Do not be afraid of their fat. Body weight does not increase from potatoes but from different additions, like fatty sauces, butter, fried chops. Potatoes contain lots of potassium and vitamin C. Potatoes, boiled without removing their peel, plus a small amount of fat free yogurt garnished with dill is a delicious, nutritious and low calorie meal. Do not forget the sauerkraut. It also contains vitamin C and is very low in calories.

An important thing: during autumn you should eat only warm dishes. If you want to avoid gaining weight, forget about the snacks! If you want something to eat, you can eat a raw carrot, apple or some fruit. But nothing more! You should remember that the weight-loss diet should be an example of proper nutrition. It should include all important products in sufficient quantities.

8. Autumn is a sad season. How to abstain from sweets?

The rain is pouring outside knocking on your windows, and you sit in front of the TV and try to improve your mood eating some sweets. But in spring you start to wonder – why my summer clothes are so tight? The fact is that during autumn serotonin levels in our body falls and we start consuming food containing sugar, which increases serotonin levels. So we temporarily improve our mood, but silently add weight. It is better to limit eating sweets. Exercise and fresh air are much more effective ways to lift your spirit and their additional benefits are also evident.