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A common mistake Dieters Make

One mistake many make the diet that is too close to their diet. They get their behavior and self-esteem is closely linked with the progress they make in your diet, and this is not a good thing.

You see, this is very common and it is expected that one day this week you will have what you have determined you would not eat. And it does not make you a bad person. This is not a reason to feel guilty. In addition, it does nothing to ensure that you return to "good behavior" of a healthy diet. This usually leads to beat himself, feeling like a failure, and then comforting yourself with food. It is not helpful is it?

Your identity is not separate from what you eat. Constantly remind yourself of your best qualities and the fact that you are well. This will help you stay in line with the healthy food you seek. When you slip and donuts in the office, try to tell myself something like this: "I slipped and was a donut, not thinking about it seriously. I'm still a good person, good mother, and well, what can I do in my work. For all the rest now I'll be conscious of what I eat and do not forget to include healthy choices. And then today I will get in some extra climbing stairs or walking be sure to burn some of those extra calories. "

There. Problem solved. You are still a good person, and you'll make better choices now. You can burn off some of the calories (or even all!) That you did not plan on eating today. This is not a tragedy, and you're not off track. A little delay in the business plan.

Stay positive thinking. And remember that your food does not define who you are!