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Obesity in adolescents - taking action to lose weight

Adolescent obesity, probably began to practice behavior that caused the problems with the weight from early childhood. For this reason, if we want to prevent obesity occurring in adolescence, it is important to monitor nutrition and exercise habits that younger children are forming. From an early age can a child to instill a lifestyle that will serve him well in the future.

Fighting obesity by example
Most healthy, balanced children grow up in a healthy balanced home. We must do everything possible to create a home environment that will help children lead a healthy lifestyle. This means that we are parents themselves must demonstrate a healthy lifestyle for our children, leading a healthy lifestyle for yourself. Kids love to go out and play with their parents. If you have a Jog your descendants will enjoy accompanying you on Sunday morning. If you are playing tennis, you always find a partner in your child. Conversely, if you spend hours in front of soap operas on television, your child probably will be glued to the cartoons on another channel, or hidden in his room with computer games (and possibly stash of his favorite chocolates in addition). Not only is every natural, however, these activities are low-energy offering fewer opportunities for family interaction and cohesion.

Children usually eat what their parents eat. Many parents do not understand this and accept the diet, they think that their children want to eat. It is not unusual for parents to ration the consumption of potatoes and pizza simply because they had children. If parents follow a healthy diet promotion of life, their children will grow accustomed to such food from the outset. Parents should encourage their children to enjoy high energy activities. It is not too difficult in most modern cities do the children out of school dance or martial arts classes for example. Children will soon consider such activities as a natural part of their weekly routine.

When you book your next summer holiday, why not avoid those where the focus is to lounge on the beach and bask in luxury hotels. Instead, look for healthy alternatives, such as vacation travel, canoeing and water sports or cycling. If you are on a typical vacation, try to spend as much time as you can walk from the hotel. Find attractions, which can be walked like an old ruin or quaint villages. Instead of simply sunbathe on the beach, find a place with a spectacular coastline, which can be explored.

Sometimes the problem is already occurring and your teenager may be facing a problem with weight. Then the work of parents, to help your child to actively pursue a program of weight loss. It is often useful to empathize with the young person and show him that you remember life in high school themselves. Share anecdotes from your own school life of children, which usually show a high fun at the same time they get to see that you really know about the difficulties they may encounter in school now. Remind your child that it is not "cool" to do more fast food and that those who take care of themselves prove to be much more attractive to others. Many young people today identified with celebrity culture. You can study some well-known personalities who take their health seriously for your child to admire and emulate.

Many young people secretly fear that no diet will work, and if they are overweight it's their own fault. Explain that the factors in society that causes these problems, and let them know that they are not alone. First of all, explain to them that it is quite possible for them to take the situation under control. Validate your child that healthy food and exercise will definitely make a difference, and their efforts will not be in vain. When they are convinced that a healthy body is something that is achievable by all means, you'll be surprised to see the motivation for change in the adolescents themselves.