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How can I lose weight for my wedding?

Your wedding day may be the most important and emotional day of your life. If the bride will you probably dreamed of having a perfect wedding a fairy tale. Every woman wants to look their very best (or even better) on their wedding day. Your hair and makeup can be quite easily handled by "before the wedding, the bride's party the morning of the wedding day. But what happens weeks or months ago, when you find that you can not put in the most beautiful wedding dress that you have ever seen! Do not worry. You already have the motivation to lose weight. Now all you need is a plan.

The first thing you should do is try to starve yourself to lose weight. This is due to unhealthy and not safe. Fasting in the short term will help you lose weight quickly. After the wedding is over and the dress in the closet you can not fit into it again on your wedding anniversary 1 year. Starvation diets tend to be more weight when they have already passed. So you want to you to start a new family life? I do not think so.

You can take some very simple steps that will help you lose weight safely and healthy way, making lifestyle changes that will help you maintain the weight Off even after the wedding. Here's what you can do to lose weight for your wedding:

1. Commit to eating 6 small, healthy meals a day.

2. Stop eating junk food and snack between meals.

3. Start exercising today - even if it's just taking the stairs at work or walking on your lunch break. Do something to get the heart rate Up!

4. Treat yourself to twice a week for something that you love to eat (hamburgers, pizza, wings, whatever). This is your reward for a healthy diet until the end of the week.

5. Do not beat yourself up! Praise yourself and what you are trying to do. Weight loss is as much a state of mind when it makes changes in lifestyle.

Start today and you will fit in this beautiful wedding dress and be a stunning bride, that you dreamed. Do not give up their dreams!