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Weight Watchers Canada Coupon Replaces promotional code

Weight Watchers Canada, the Canadian division of the world famous giant weight loss followed by its parent company, in its decision to end their desired online advertising code.These promotional codes, used to be issued as special incentives, and through email. In a bold move, Weight Watchers Canada has decided to stop issuing promotional codes for preferred customers and instead offer exclusive web more than 25% discount coupon through its affiliate network marketers.

New coupon opens in a new "orphan" page on the website WeightWatchers.ca, which is not available in any other way. There are no codes or passwords to enter - just follow the link and save. Weight Watchers Canada argues that this new advertising method is easier to use and saves more potential customers. As part of this new campaign, Canada Weight Watchers offer "more than 25% cheaper" when you sign up for their three months program.Here is a breakdown of the cost comparison:

The standard monthly plan

21.95/month $ + $ 39,95 registration fee = $ 61.90 (per month)

3 months savings plan - save over 25%

3 X $ 21.95/month + $ 39,95 registration fee = $ 105.80 - $ 26.80 (promotional savings) = $ 79.00 (three months)

These coupons are available on the Internet, but only through the elected branches of sites. One such site owner agrees that a new promotional coupon has been very successful: "We are witnessing a steady growth in our incoming traffic looking for new Weight Watchers Canada coupon and comparable drop in the search for Weight Watchers ad reaction to code.The motion was greater, and it will be fine opportunity to help people save money and lose weight at the same time. "

Unfortunately, if you live in Canada, and you are interested in losing weight, you must act quickly, because, like all good things, the days are numbered, for this campaign coupons. But rest assured, Weight Watchers Canada will likely continue to offer great savings through their web sites affiliates.

About Weight Watchers Canada:

Since the beginning of the 1960 Weight Watchers Canada, taught men and women, diet is only one part of the long-term management of the entire period. The results of the healthy body of a healthy lifestyle. Style is composed of mental, emotional and physical health. WW Canada is proud that she did not tell you what you can or not eat. Instead, WW Canada provides information, knowledge, tools and motivation to help you make nutrition and exercise decisions that are right for you. They will help you make healthy food decisions, and they encourage you to enjoy yourself by becoming more active. You can eat your food and still lose weight.

The Weight Watchers Online Program designed to help people lose weight at a safe rate of up to two pounds a week (after the first three weeks). You must be at least five pounds above the minimum range of weight for your height, to register. Currently online offer is also not suitable for women who are pregnant or individuals under the age of 18 years.