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Explore Popular Fad diets

Diets have become all the rage in those days. No matter whom you meet, whether in the office, supermarket or even in church, everyone is on a diet. It has much in common with the mindset of today's world, that being thin is in. Celebrities add to the Hype drastic diets, losing a lot of weight, seemingly overnight through a diet or another, that bring us a lot of popular Fad diets that are so rich in modern society. What are they? Popular Fad diets are diets that were popular many people for several reasons. Let's talk about some celebrities who have made popular diets.

Geri Halliwell, the glory of Spice Girls, has lost all her baby when the fat to reinvent his career to become a thin stick. She was in the center of much media attention because of this, as everyone would like to know how she did it. She took a popular diet, which allowed those on a diet, just to have carbohydrates. This is a lot of popular diets FAD, became the cause of many disputes later on, experts say, if they are on this diet was to get enough nutrients, the other they need. Whatever the pros and cons of this diet, he brought a lot of attention to those who used the same method of diet.

Another of the popular diets Fad is when you should not eat anything for seven days, but to live on liquids. As extreme as this sounds, there are many people who follow this diet. It interests to rid your body of all toxins, but after seven days, the food program would be phased back in your body, your body will get used to eating solids after this period of time. There are many popular diets among fashion models, and one I remember reading about where they eat only one grape for each meal.

Harm that can come from these Fad diets enormous. For example, who have high blood pressure should not go on a liquid only diet, but may not realize it until harm has been done. The same applies to someone in the carbohydrate only diet. Imagine if someone with a high level of sugar in the blood and tried this diet? It is always safe to consult a dietician or nutritionist and come up with a specific diet that fits your body and your needs. Losing weight should not be hard, if done the right way.