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Lose weight - time to face reality

You made a decision. Maybe it was a fleeting reflection of himself in the shop window dressing the way you made fun of the mentally fingering their way through a rack marked "size 12." Or this kind of jeans on the clothing line, fluttering like a sail schooner great that you've done, finally realize that you were supposed to start making some changes in your life.

This idea that we must pass in order to lose weight is the worst thing is not it? This is when you turn off your autopilot for a short time, and you suddenly realize that you have some work to do. You become aware of other people and start making comparisons - that is exactly what you are trying to do every day - because it hurts.

Weight loss may be more because you have tried many times to get a snapshot of pounds but the weight just comes back. This is a familiar story. To lose weight permanently and maintain sanity, you need to make personal changes. Why? Well, if you keep the same old, as you'll never lose weight. Process, as diet is not going to do it for you. You should make efforts to change or you will be The Way You Are Forever.

Two things will help you. First, focus on the results you want. If you begin to visualize what you want to be in the results that you want to look like when you lose weight, for example, it will help motivate you and strengthen your resolve.

Second, you need to do to make an honest personal examination of all their bad habits. Honesty is important here. If you are an economic truth, you will not be doing yourself any favor: do not care who will see this audit? This is personal, and for your eyes and be very honest with yourself. This is important.

The more you can build your self-awareness, the more efficient the process of change will be. To live a lie or Living with the autopilot included a recipe has not changed. No change, not weight loss - it is so simple.