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In Ketosis Atkins Diet - Burn Your fat for energy!

The fact that ketosis helps burn fat your store is a fundamental principle underlying ketosis. Most people do not understand ketosis and how it works, even if they follow the low-carbohydrate diet.

Diets generally help to reduce calorie intake. This helps to lose weight, but some of the weight of muscle tissue, and some of them from fat. Even if you look better, your metabolism slows down, actually. More muscle you lose, slow metabolism. Thus, this means weight loss more difficult, but easier to obtain.

Carbohydrate restriction is a characteristic of the Atkins diet. Condition ketosis created in your body burns only fat, not muscle. The main source of energy in your body from ketones. Your liver converts fat into ketones, which can not be again. This, of course, stand out.

Ketones are actually a natural source of energy in the human body. Fatty acids, which are created from the collapse of fat is the main source of ketones. In the absence of sugar or glucose, these compounds appear. The Atkins diet reduces the amount of sugar and glucose in the blood. As a result, ketones produced in the body of energy. Ketosis is the production of ketones in the body.

A common misconception is that the production of ketones diet, like Atkins diet is dangerous for health. But, in reality, being in a state of ketosis is very natural. Ketones produced in the human body, which will be used as an energy source in the absence of sugar or glucose.

In the book explaining the Atkins diet, Dr. Atkins recommends that you use strips for ketone testing to determine the state of ketosis, your body is, during the diet. They are small strips of plastic, to be held in the flow of urine and containing a chemically treated pad. If ketones are trace of ketones in the urine, the color changes Strip. Gas varies from pink to purple in connection with the presence of ketones. The use of colors, yachts can determine the levels of ketones in your body.

Ketone strips can be obtained from pharmacies, on diabetic supplies. In some pharmacies, they might have asked, as they can be placed behind the counter. But you do not require a prescription to get them. Ketosis strips have 6 months shelf life. It can be used on the occasion of the huge opening day on the field.

These bands ketone indicate if you are going in the right direction to set the Atkins diet. If you do not see the Purple, even if the plan is strictly followed by the induction, do not worry about it. Some people may show ketone levels slightly above the line, and some people may not even show. If you lose weight and inches, you are using ketones successfully. In addition, if you have carried out hours ahead of the bands of ketones, you can not see the Purple.

Some people may misunderstand the dark purple result of testing strips, lose weight faster. In fact, dark purple indicates that you are suffering from dehydration. This means that you should drink water as your urine is very concentrated.

Sometimes, ketones can come from blood fats, which you can eat or burn. Eating food that is oily and the use of ketone Strip immediately results in a dark purple color. Test strips must be used as a guide, but you should not be motivated by color.

If ketosis is achieved, you have achieved success on the Atkins diet, and it is as simple as removing carbohydrates from your diet. Make sure you observe proper eating plan, and test strips should be used as needed.