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Post Healthy Alternatives for Weight Loss

Growing number of people are asking whether fasting is a healthy way to lose weight. Posta whether there are health benefits is a great way to detoxify the body and can improve your focus and concentration. However, as a method of weight loss, fasting is of dubious value.

I know it seems a healthy position to be an ideal form of weight loss in the end, if you do not eat, you certainly can not gain weight, does not it? But before you decide to fast for the sake of getting rid of excess weight, there are two factors.

First, when you stop there, your water intake tends to decrease as well, because many products with high moisture content (for example, apples are 80% water by volume). Good fast will include drinking lots of water, but it is often difficult to determine exactly how much water you lose do not eat. The trend is that you will ultimately consume less water during the fast, too.

The second reason is that when you drastically reduce calories, your body is programmed evolution suggests that hunger is inevitable. If you fear that you will not be able to find more food next week, what would you do today? You would save.

This is exactly what your body is doing, as soon as he realizes you are not eating, it will slow down your metabolism to keep as many calories as possible. Therefore, you can lose weight fast, but the body will strive to ensure that you have lost as little weight as possible!

Even a healthy position is less effective than weight loss, calories change. Calorie Shifting diet is a technique that speeds up the metabolism. It works mainly by changing the time at which you eat certain foods. Following the shift calorie diet, you can safely lose 9 pounds in 11 days, or even more.

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