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Diet and nutrition tips for women

Here are some diet and nutrition tips for women will help you in your efforts to lose weight and be healthy. I'm not going to be here is unrealistic. I can give you more than a diet that I know that you will not use, but I will not do that. I'm going to give you practical information that is easy to use immediately.

Diet and nutrition tips for women

1. Have a 12-ounce, 1 / 2 Shake scoop of protein with every meal

Simple huh? If you say no, then I urge you to use a shaker bottle and automatically fill them with 1 / 2 tablespoons protein powder and 12 ounces of water. Bring 1-2 of them with you. They are still small. Then, when you are going to eat, take it, shake it, then drink with meals.

Why do that? Because if you think about it, you're body is composed of protein. It's kinda in need. Proteins accelerate the metabolism and helps reduce appetite, too. It is not easy. You can get a 2 pound pitcher with a good protein powder at Wal-Mart for about $ 14. This will last you almost 3 weeks, if you use it, as described above.

2. Eat plenty of low-calorie yogurt

I will return to Wal-Mart for this. At 33 cents yogurt, you can upload up to 80 calories in the yogurt. These snacks and more comfortable. Low calorie filling you very well. Hell, go nuts. Eat these 3 days. Big deal. What is it, a "colossal" 240 calories. Pfft. That's nothing. Nevertheless, it helps you tide over between meals.

These 2 simple diet and nutrition tips for women that you can do right now ... today.