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Muscle your way to weight loss

This alarming fact. We are losing from 0,5 to 2% of our muscle mass every year for 40 years. This means that by the time we are 70 we could have lost anything between 15 and 60% of our muscle mass. It's pretty amazing statistics.

Can you imagine the lost 60% of your muscle mass? Frightening to think how one could cope with daily life. Unfortunately, this is what happens to the millions of people.

There's further problems. Your declining muscle mass reduces the efficiency of your metabolism. Why? Because the muscles are very effective for burning calories. Loss of muscle and the effect is weight gain. Couple increase weight, low muscle mass and you get a recipe for disaster.

Age for hundreds of millions of people around the world shocked, unable to perform some very basic functions without too much difficulty. This leads to great misfortune and puts an enormous burden on health services. But this should not be the case.

Until recently it was thought that it was impossible to reverse the loss of aged muscle, but recent studies have shown that this is not the case. Such resistance of regular exercise can significantly reduce the loss of muscle tissue.

There is also an added bonus, because it also found that having a healthy muscle helps you strengthen bones too. There, another plus. Healthy, well-done muscle will keep your metabolism functioning properly and you can save any weight under control.

Does it simply refer to the "old" people? Of course, no, it applies to all. It is important that we keep our muscles in Trim, if we want to "fire on all six cylinders to be able to operate with optimum efficiency of our counting on fun, healthy old age. It is not difficult, it just takes effort.

If you are overweight is a good idea to resolve this as soon as possible. If you carry too much weight with you as you get older, you will find more and more difficult to get rid of him, but to get rid of it. To lose weight permanently must make personal changes. The best way to do this to find a program that will help you make the change by learning new habits - Slim habits. Ideally, it should also include the implementation of a personal plan. If you think you need to take action, do not delay. Look after your body, it is only one you ever!