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Clean Diet Practice

Clean Diet paying attention to the food you eat. You also need to monitor fluid intake. We must learn to make better choices in our food, which leads to your ability to maintain your new shape after the weight was lost.

In the choice of food for this "diet" you have to go with those as close to their natural state as possible. Try whole grains, fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy products.

Breaking Down What You Can Eat:

1. Whole grains and beans: whole wheat, rice, barley, and dry beans. When you go to buy bread and you will see "Total wheat" that is not the same as "whole grain". He must have 100% of wheat or 100% whole grain.

2. Fruits: best type of fresh fruit. Your not limited to any particular type or quantity. The only thing to watch is not a canned fruit all the time. They had to be limited to once in a while. Fruit is a great thing there for the night. Try to eat grapes or an apple instead of popcorn at night in the home cinema. Fruit is also great for reading. With simple changes you will see progress.

3. Vegetables: enjoy unlimited raw, stewed or baked vegetables. Vegetables contain lots of carbohydrates, but it's nothing. You must change your eating habits accomidate this. Try to cut out the heavy sauces or dips.

4. Lean meat: chicken, fish and lean cuts of beef. If you can buy these from the butcher the quality is usually better, and you know exactly what you get.

5. Consumption of liquid: it is better to drink water. This includes flavored water. If you do not like plain water currently several products on the market that can be added to the water, which are the calories. Diet soda is fine in moderation. Diet soda contains sodium, which can contribute to water retention.

When it comes to dried fruit to eat them in moderation. They are extremely concentrated. The difference in fresh fruit and dried fruit fresh fruit loose, high content in water, and dried fruit with dense or almost no water.

Experiment with different recipes, which include a mix of vegetables and grain together, or mix the meat with the grain, or lean meat with vegetables. If you feel that you need a little taste to use a little olive oil or sesame oil. The possibilities are endless.

Do not make yourself feel like you are on a diet. Just learn to have healthy and your body will stay happy. If for some reason you had a bad day, and do not eat healthy, that's OK! Start again the next day. Or, if you overate during one of the dishes to make adjustments to the next. Do not skip meals.

There are no magic diets, diet pills, or lose fat fast recipes. Many weight loss claims are false. How to lose weight permanently eat healthy to stay active. With success comes the confidence, energy, health, and a great attitude!

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