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Zone of burning fat at a complete idiot!

Burn fat how to market a lot of so-called fitness gurus around the world, obviously, is the method of execution which, by exercising at lower intensity (about 55% of maximum heart rate), you'll burn more fat than if you're exercising at high Re intensity. Now this sounds great! What a wonderful system. After doing less work, you get more results that you want (fat burning), right? Sorry ...

Science for burning fat true. In the implementation of 55% -65% of your maximum heartrate (220 minus your age), your body will burn a higher percentage of fat and reduce the percentage of carbohydrates. With increasing intensity of exercise, your body starts to burn a higher percentage of carbohydrates and a lower percentage of fat. Although the science behind burning fat tissue does actually make some sense, the fact is that it is misleading.

Although the percentage difference Burning Up reserves of energy through fat or carbohydrates may change, though, you burn more calories when you work harder. Now it's really quite simple. Energy must equal the energy Out! In addition, when comparing the actual amount of fat burned, when doing lower intensity Sun higher intensity exercise high intensity exercise proves to burn more fat than the lower intensity. On top of all this has been scientifically proven through studies that exercising for 15 minutes at high intensity "may lead to better utilization of lipid in the post-exercise state and thus contribute to greater energy and lipid deficit." This means that you'll burn more fat loads in 23 hours after a workout, if you have a high intensity cardio. Burning fat only allows you to burn fat while exercising, which is seriously limiting the results.

The biggest myth in the fitness industry

"Fat burning zone" is just a deceptive method of sale. Science does not even make sense, but it is an easy way to sell fitness to people, telling them that they will get more with less effort.