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Diet drinks and weight loss

Diet drinks and weight loss does not necessarily go hand in had. I've seen studies indicating that diet drinks actually promote weight gain rather than weight. In the next 2 minutes, I will share with you 2 diet drinks that I personally drink every day ... or almost every day. If you follow what I do, you will lose thousands of calories burned and 10's pounds next year.

Diet drinks

1. Stevia Waters

Look, plain water, probably does not care about you. It's not for me. I like to have a pleasant sweet taste with my drinks. The problem is that sugar and man-made sweeteners suck and bad for you. The way to solve this problem using stevia. Is a natural sugar substitute that is actually sweeter than sugar.

That's what I do ...

I take 15-20 ml of water and 2 drops packets stevia in it. If I had a bottle of water, I Shake It Up. If the glass, I stir. (Note: I usually drink from a bottle of water.) That's all. Nothing fancy. But it sure works well. I got my sweet, so I do not miss the lemonade or Mountain Dew. I graduated to remove them from your diet for 3 days of use stevia waters.

2. Protein shakes

This is a real diet drink, even if you do not see on the label. These fill you in moderation, and loaded with healthy protein that nourishes the muscles, which in turn burns lots of calories because your muscles burn 4-8 times more calories than fat.

Simply put, if you do not have protein shakes every day, this is not your maximum weight loss.

Use these 2 diet drinks and weight loss will happen ... so simple.