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Rapid weight loss - 15 Top Secrets to Lose Weight Now!

Who does not want to shed pounds as fast as possible? Here are fifteen secrets losing at least ten unwanted pounds quickly and easily. You should not torture ourselves unable to diet. See what you eat, store refrigerated fresh, healthy snacks, eat lots of vegetables, and keep himself satisfied with the fruits.

The following simple guidelines will help you to lose five kilos overweight. If you have the following weight loss plan, they will help you achieve success faster. You can use this flexible and balanced plan, consisting of fifteen keys, at any convenient time.

1. Write down everything you eat and drink. You do not need to count calories. Simply write down everything that you take during the day. Just learned about your food habits can help you plan healthy meals.

2. Reduce your use of all fats doubled. This means that you have to smear only half the normal amount of oil that you smear on toast, bread, potatoes, muffins, or half the normal amount of sauce or mayonnaise on your salad, and half the normal amount of oil in the pan when you do something fry.

3. Eat sweet dishes only three times a week. Sweet desserts include items, chocolates, cakes, ice cream, cakes, and so on.

4. Include low-fat sources of protein such as chicken, beans, yogurt, low-fat, fish, cheese, and so on, in your diet. Do not eat eggs, red meat, nuts, and every day, but only in special cases.

5. Eat at least one purely vegetarian and cheese-free meals per week. Creating exciting dishes from whole grains, beans and vegetables to reduce fat and increase fiber in your diet.

6. Do not drink milk with high fat content. Instead of whole milk, milk with the purchase of two per cent fat. Later you can replace it with milk is only one per cent fat. Include low-fat yogurt and cheese in your diet. Make sure you buy sugar-free yogurt.

7. Take a couple of servings of fruit every day. You can eat fruit as a snack or dessert. Buy fruits in season.

8. Avoid carbonated drinks, milk drinks, juices and alcoholic beverages, on the contrary, drink plenty of water. Do not drink diet soda because of its sweet taste makes you crave more sugar. Taking a glass of warm water with a small amount of lemon juice can refresh you in the morning.

9. Take a couple of servings of vegetables at dinner and lunch. If you are hungry, eat more vegetables.

10. Reduce your speed eating. Signal the body to the brain that you are relatively slow, and if you eat too quickly, you end up eating more than is necessary for you.

11. Grated carrots great appetizer. One of the strangest facts that carrots grated carrots one more that the filling of a whole carrot.

12. Eat whole grains as much as possible. Fiber-rich foods will make you feel full, and it also helps you digest food better.

13. Chew on food. You'll take in more fiber in this way. Also, chewing food can be very satisfactory. For example, you can eat fruits rather than drink its juice. Make sure that you prepare the soup has a lot to him to chew.

14. Plan your meals in advance. This means that you plan your shopping in advance, too. Prior planning prevents you from nothing, and its capture is when you are hungry. "Nothing," that you can be to capture high-calorie foods.

15. Never watch TV during meals. According to studies, people eat more when they watch TV, because they know how many, what they eat. And do not even enjoy snacks while watching TV.

If you follow these simple rules, you will soon become a slimmer, healthier version of what you are now.