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Fat Loss Tips for Women

Fat loss for women is a bit difficult as there are many other factors that come into place when it comes to fat women. Typically, there is a higher percentage of fat in women than in men. Even changes in your diet is doing something very difficult in the loss of fat in women in relation to the physiology of women. The presence of large quantities of alpha-2 receptors on the lower part of the woman's body leads to a significant increase of fat in the lower part of the body.

This is the reason why there is fat accumulation on the thighs of women and things, and reacts very slowly, so that all the different types of fat loss methods. The following paragraphs why fat loss for women is more difficult to answer

Basal lipolysis is rapidly released at rest and before eating more of the upper parts of the body skin than the lower part of the skin. This is the same for both sexes, but women in the lower activity is a bit lower.

Unlike men beta agonists such as caffeine does not help to increase the breakdown of fat in the lower part of the body. This is due in large part by increasing the amount of alpha-2 receptors in the lower part of the woman's body.

Both sexes breaks down fat in the lower part of the body in the same way.

Female hormone estrogen plays an important role in protecting against the accumulation of fat in the lower part of the woman's body.

With these in mind helps to realize this function in the female system and what should be used and should not be used for selection of weight loss in women. The good point is that insulin makes the alpha-2-receptorrs more sensitive to a reduction of carbohydrates and helps to break it. Another factor that leads to an increase in fat build to use the contraceptive pill as it has to do with the content of estrogen.

This does not mean that women can not lose weight or no hope for fat loss for women, its just that they should be considered in a somewhat different basis.