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pH miracle diet critics - Processing critics and criticism

Whenever something becomes known, he received criticism from certain sources. Recently, a well-known pH miracle diet is no different. The program has a following, and he also received much criticism from many people.

The first criticism of the diet is that it asks people to be vegans and vegetarians. Critics argue that the diet, especially with its removal of dairy products (vegetarian protein source) is very low protein content. However, this comes from the delusion that we need a large number of proteins. Judging by the popularity of low carbohydrate diet (ie only the high protein diet) has exacerbated this concept in the minds of people. Unfortunately, health has become equal to eat dairy products and red meat.

In any case, there are many sources of healthy proteins that do not contain the bad effects of acid dairy products and red meat. In fact, many people take too much protein and not too less. Generally, women need about 45 grams per day, and a man needs about 55 grams. One cup of tofu (which is acceptable on the pH of the diet) has about 20 grams of protein. And beans have about 8 grams every half cup. Thus, in case it is easy to get enough protein from a vegetarian diet.

Another critic of this it comes to calcium. Most people tend to equate drinking milk and strengthens bones. However, American women take an average of two pounds of milk every day, and another 30 million women get osteoporosis. If you take the milk did strengthens bones, only the opposite is true. The study, conducted by the names of Cornell nutritionist Amy Joy Lanou who proved that there is no connection between dairy substances and healthy bones in young adults and children. There are many sources of calcium in alkalizing foods, which will increase the protection of osteoporosis.

Most critics also argue that the importance of fresh food and vegetables is the actual reason for the victory that many are on a diet. pH miracle diet recommends a 70 per cent of vegetables and fruits are needed. In this case, no matter if you alkalizing food consumption, someone sees a strengthening of their health. Most critics of ignoring the need for the pH miracle diet is balance.

But however, there are many people who have good results after getting rid of wheat, which is an acidic food. It is not a product that a single unit due to ill health, however, the removal of wheat was a godsend to loads of people who suffer from the effects of over-acidified foods. Number of alkalizing vegetables in the diet are likely to do any good, no matter if they take other parts of the diet seriously. Following the eating of alkaline food, you would improve the health, regardless of the severity of diet.

But this leads to another well-known critic in the book. Most people said that the pH miracle diet is too strict for daily following. Reduction of food such as milk, wheat and animal protein appears to be too much for some. They can not afford to do it through a day without the consumption of these food groups. The idea of limiting the diet containing only plant based diet is too strict. However, most people who use the pH miracle diet can see good results without having to be 100% over the rigid rules.

Like most other diets, the pH Miracle diet recommends measures to improve health. The emphasis here is on the stairs. It is not reasonable to ask someone for 180-degree change in the total respect of his or her eating habits. Using the slower method of changing the diet will give a large and successful outcome. If any diet did word for word, it is very difficult in the beginning, since most people are accustomed to eating in a certain order. But with time and some practice, anyone can get better health through more H-balanced diet.

Like many other diets, the pH miracle diet outlines steps to better health. The emphasis here is on the steps. It is unreasonable to expect anyone to do a full 180-degree change in his or her food at night. Taking a slow approach to changing your diet will create more and more successful results. If the diet should be word for word, it is difficult at first because people are so used to eating a certain way. With time and practice, though, you can move toward better health and a more pH balanced diet.