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Best weight loss program? Do not diet!

What is the best weight loss program Out There? Before I answer that, consider the following. In the United States more than a third of the population is not just overweight but obese. This is why Americans spent about $ 40 billion last year on weight loss and products. During all this time and money spent, you might think that the United States and on its way to becoming a form and a healthy nation. You would be wrong, however.

The truth is that only 5% of people who follow a weight loss program to maintain your new slimmer weight within a year or more. 2007 UCLA study, entitled "diet is not the answer", the following conclusions:

  • "One-third to two thirds of the diet regain more weight than they lost on diets.
  • "There is little support for the notion that diets lead to weight loss or health benefits"

UCLA researchers have concluded as follows:

It seems that the diet, which managed to maintain weight loss with rare exception than the rule. Dieters who gets back more weight than they lost may well become the norm, not the lucky minority.

Perhaps you have heard, which is higher or, perhaps, this is for you. Despite this, conclusions can be drawn from the above is obvious. Diets do not work? What is the best weight loss program, then (in response to your original question)? Not all diets!

In my experience, the whole idea of diet poorly conceived from the outset. Diet makes a radical change in your food during the period of time. However, these changes are only temporary. As we approach everything that you consider your ideal weight, most people usually just go back to their usual eating habits and weight comes back with a vengeance. That's why diets fail.

What is the best weight loss program then? You need to analyze the current eating habits, as well as make minor changes to them. One good strategy to keep a diary and record every time you eat something. It is important to record why you eat, and the circumstances. What you will soon learn that, unlike the animals in the wild, you eat a variety of reasons other than hunger. That is why the best weight loss program that focuses on your habits around food and not the food itself.