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High Protein Diet - A Farewell to Carbs

Diet with high protein content is becoming a rage with all the low CARB diet catching the attention of the media. We have deprived themselves and hunger on diets to lose weight, and we seem to be waiting in the wings for the next diet guru to come and offer a magic pill that will make all aside from our thighs and buttocks. Well, high-protein diets do work, but at what cost?

Protein is the building block of our muscles, and it is necessary for tissue repair, organ development, bone health and connective tissue.

Diet with high protein content should consist of 1 gram of protein per pound of weight. The basic concept of diet is not about starving your body and filling it to work on burning fat that will help you lose weight. Proteins also seeks to make you feel satiated so you less hunger pangs. This will help you eat fewer calories, but at the same time you feel fuller.

Protein burns more calories than fat. It is difficult for our body to digest proteins. Only this will boost the metabolism in the body. This refers to your glycemic index.
Belka will build muscle. Using an exercise program you can increase your metabolic rate and build muscle mass to become a fat burning machine.

Diet with high protein content is not the only thing you consume. You have to balance it with fruits and vegetables. You should consume as essential fats. These essential fats help in the absorption of fat. It will also help you keep a well-fed, to help keep you from overeating. Examples of sources of essential fats olive oil, nuts and seeds, and fish.

Must also be complex carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are what are broken down into simple sugars that our bodies use for energy. They should come from fruits and vegetables. The fiber can also act as a natural appetite suppressant so eat plenty of foods high in fiber.

Combining high diet with exercise, you can lose weight. The elimination of preservatives and processed foods can help you find success. If you like pasta and bread, this diet may not be for you. In addition, drink plenty of water to prevent a uric acid, which can cause kidney stones.