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Fat Weight Loss - If you listen carefully to scale?

If you are currently on a diet program, there is one thing you want to really concentrate on, and that weight loss is fat.

There is no doubt that you are probably very closely monitor the extent of your diet during weight loss, but only that the scale will not tell you is whether or not you're experiencing a weight loss, fat, or if you lose a combination of fat and muscle tissue.

Although this can be very gratifying to see that the scale move down if it does not move down due to loss of weight of fat, is a big problem.

Initial weight loss diet plan

Usually, when you first start on a diet program, you will experience some initial weight loss, which many Dieter get very excited.

What is important to understand, however, that this initial weight loss is often a combination of fat, water and glycogen, so it is not pure fat loss in general.

On the contrary, it is rapid weight loss that occurs more often in connection with the fact that you make these changes in your diet and the body responds.

This is not bad at all, though, do not get confused. It simply means that you must understand that weight loss is not going is not going to continue in this case all the time.

Muscle mass loss

Next, is the loss of muscle mass. This is what you really want to escape while the diet, because that is what is happening slower metabolism and make it more difficult for you to keep that weight from the good in the future.

Ideally you should aim to lose no more than 1-2 pounds a week, and it guarantees that you actually get only the fat, weight loss and muscle tissue is lost in the process.

When you lose muscle mass, you may begin to appear lighter on the scale, but your body will start to look softer and more "Jiggly ', due to the fact that there is that this tight muscle tissues.

So, make sure you are using only the scale to judge your progress on a diet program. Instead, you want to go by how you look and if you can get a fat percentage reading. This is what will determine whether you are actually experiencing a loss of fat weight.